Headless Chickean

My last post I was worry about making my first commission. But today it different. I should be doing what more important (Amazon) first, then I will do ClickBank =)

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The Money Issue

What a month I have, but I happy now that my FireFox is back to normal after installing a new one.

For sometimes I have been using Google Chrome, I have nothing againt that browser. However, I still prefer FireFox over any browser. Doing all of this and risking my computer, as I now learing Matt Carter course name Rapid Profit Formula.

Rapid Profit Formula is a course about making money selling physical products, it can be apply to any niches and network. And the most well known network is Amazon.

The bad part of selling Amazon is, you have to wait like 60 days later then they pay you. Unlike ClickBank which pay on weekly base or monthly either one. So here I am, yah I like the new course I bought.

Yet, there something still bothering me at this point. The one that bothering me none other than Amazon payout.

I need money fast, reason is to allow me to get out of my workplace fast, so I can no longer meet with idiot who earn less but act as if they make a fortune. Singapore have a lot of ugly Singaporean, just because they are highly educated and earn some good money. They look down on service stuff.

I don’t give a fuck! What the government say about service going extra mile shit. For me ask anyone of them to be a service stuff, and they will sure quite.

Another reason for me to get out, the fact I turning 30 years old this August. Plus fasting month approching. And since my place far from mosque, the best result is the resign.

All of this somehow is adding pressure to me, I know I won’t make like 10 grand. But to make couple of thousand will be great for me. More pressure is that I not single all sudden. Feeling like a lost kite. Not fun at all.

Oh god what will happen to me?

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.01% Singaporean

Thinking to post thing last night, but man I head hurt. Therefore, I decided it best to post tonight instead.

Have been telling myself that, I like to be the .01% Singaporean. The 0.1% Singaporean, are those that do not need to be told what to do, when to eat, what to wear, when to sleep. This is because, they do not work for other people.

When you work for others, they control your life simple as that. It totally different for those who work for themselves.

The only flip side is that, when you work for yourself. It either you work 12 hours per day or 4 hours or less per day. For me I like to work 4 hours or less, so I can do the thing that I like.  Those who work 12 hours per day are like taxi driver. If they don’t work, they don’t earn anything.

Totally different where the work, worked it self so you just need to monitor it once a while.

I grateful that I have a choice, unlike the rest of Singaporean who only know the way out is to study hard or smart and get a good job. Which I doubt they can success in life.

That all I have to say for now and hopefully, before August 3rd 2011 I able to be the .01% Singaporean.

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Things To Do On 21st Feb 2011

Decided that it best to relearn Easy Pay Check again.

So after coming back from work, it off to learn Easy Pay Check. Learn from start to end

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Affiliate Business 2011 Re-Planning

Another Wealth Avenue function as my official blog, to help me implement my Affiliate Business 2011 Plan.

Date That Interest Me:

21st February 2011 – Suggested As Soft Launch Date

7th March 2011 – Wanted to start but stock take

14th March 2011 – Suggested As Soft Launch Date

4th March 2011 – Day start running my business

Note: All Of This Date Fall On Monday

The Theory:

1st Month study the course

2nd Month implement the course

At this point I prefer doing free traffic.

In Mind:

1. Using Quancast on niches

2. Blogging

3. Social Bookmark

4. RSS Feed

5. Ring —–> something new to me.

That all for now

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It Confirm

Recently, I have been saying here and there that, that blog is my official blog. However, this time around I decided (made my final choice) that Another Wealth Avenue will be that official blog of mine.

Lately I feeling like a lost kite, being blown here and there wherever the wind blowing. No direction in life at all.

The problem brewing as August 2011 is coming near, the month where I will be 30 years old. I noticed I have wasted a lot of my time, now then I realised it. The worst part is that, the stupid part of it. I requested transfer to another outlet, in hoping that I can resign in 2 week which is not true. Well theory fail big time.

Now I have to suffer at my new outlet, lack of sales and a management that cannot work as a team. Worst part politic starting to raise, and sooner or later it like at AMK Hub.

All of this is adding pressure to me, so much that I feel like just want to resign. That why when there something cool out there (aka shining object), I will buy it. Like Google Sniper 2.0, CB Gamer, Auto Cash Coupon and may more. Do I want to refund those product? No reason I don’t know. May be a lesson or reminder for dear old me?

When thing don’t get it the right way, then I will think about him which make it more difficult for me. What wrong with me. I just like to work in a office environment, that all I asking for and can relax on weekend and public holiday.

Will feeling guilty make a different for me? No, so what will I do? Continue buying shining products? Haiz…

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